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by Anders Holmquist

  Raven Wing    
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Is showing to "wings" left and right depicting my involvement with wind, flight and color in a nutshell. The origin is the Raven Wing reflecting rainbow colors in the sunlight. The front two spirals on/are/of warm colors as a love couple graphically on a flag.
  Moving Zia    
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Kobe symbol flags in spring colors placed in front of P&G building to soften its aggressive architecture and donated to the city for the psychological lift needed to recover after the devastating earthquake. Ribbons on green bamboo with colors in the Buddhist tradition.
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(Editor's Note:Buddhist's tradition meant five colors meant came from principle of five religious trainting. Blue (or Green) mean Sky, White mean Wind, Red mean Fire or Sun, Black mean Water and Yellow mean Ground or Mud.  Japanese or other Asian Buddhists' countries uses five color cloth for ceremony at festivals are genesis this colors meaning.)
   Sketches in margin    
Moving Zias as mentioned in #1 is a way to soften the swastika symbol raped by the Nazis in WW2 to be used again as the powerful symbol it is for World Unification.

Places under Rokko Line access bridge and giving life to a dull part of the River Mall. These flags have 5 TAILS to add life when they move in the wind.

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  Impression of Japanese Women    
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Is created for my perception of how lips of women are depicted in Japanese traditional woodprints and paintings - put together - 4 different versions - as a four leaf clover and heart like. The colors are kept again in the warm colors.
Specially created as flames for the FIRE BRIDGE again in warm FLAME colors with spots of blue as in a fire.
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They fly back and forth in the wind and is part of my overall idea to created a warm colored environment to the River Mall which is quite colorless as a whole.
  Quad Spiral    
Called "Quad Spiral" in Japanese red and white and Swedish blue/yellow colors is like Quad(4) sails in a DNA swirl/spiral [editor's note: DNA chains are in a double "helix"] made of heavy mesh to turn slowly in the wind and add life to a part of the Mall I call Kennedy Center. They are hung on heavy ball-bearing swivels top and bottom.
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  Kiss Kiss    
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This is in the stairs leading up to the FASHION MALL specially created for those poles and taking the shape of the spaceship Museum /Mall with highly shiny aluminum and Japanese Red, already called KISS-KISS by the Japanese.
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flgbrdr.jpg (5489 ???)

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©Anders Holmquist & EA 1996-2002Kyoto or Kobe, Japan

Photo by Daisuke Tomiyasu
used Ricoh DC-1 Digital Camera