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Wind of Santa Monica
Anders Holmquist Wind sculptures' exhibition

The Record of  Exhibition April 18 (Sat) - May 10 (Sun) 1998

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Mr. Holmquist is one of the foremost flag artists, producing personal
flags for such personages as the King of Sweden, Sir Carl XVI; former US
President George Bush; Ms. Georgia O'Keeffe, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Dali and others. Other successes include official
projects for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, as well as many flag
presentations and related activities all over the world.

Originally a photographer, one day he decided to represent the "colors
of the wind." Then, from 1975 until 1992 he had the permanent gallery
"Colors of the Wind" in Santa Monica, California. In 1980, he held his
exhibition in Tokyo. This exhibition was very successful.

He calls his work of the art a "wind sculpture". His work is highly
valued as environmental art. It captures the free form and motion
of nature with colorful flags dancing in the wind, a delight to the eyes
of viewers all over the world.

He experienced the great LA Earthquake and understands the feeling of
those who experienced Kobe's recent tragic earthquake. He has therefore
decided to hold an exhibition as a gift to the people Kobe, by using
Rokko Island as an outside art gallery. Rokko Island is a new man-made
town that can be seen as a symbol of the success of the people of Kobe.
They have turned natural disaster into creativity, to channel "winds of
change" to build a new town as a triumph of hope and community to
overcome the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Artist Anders Holmquist and
his art celebrates the hopes of the people of Kobe and Rokko Island.

Like the flags that rustle and whisper their song of harmony throughout
Rokko Island, many people who visited the outside exhibition
was similarly participate in a harmony. Then this exhibition was a
helpful step to offer the Rokko Island's rise as an inspiration to
peoples, communities, cities and nations.

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Dennis Banks (American Indian Movement)
George Bush, Vice President, United States of America
City of Baltimore
King Carl XVI of Sweden
Gala & Salvador Dali, Artists
Bo Derek, Actress
Hyatt Regency Hotels
John & Toni Lilly, Scientists
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1984 Olympic Organizing Committee, Los Angeles
Stevie Nicks, Musician, Fleetwood Mac
Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles
Ratazzi Family Flag
Robinson's Department Store, Los Angeles
Arnold Schwartzenegger, Actor and bodybuilder
Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts, New Mexico
University of California, Los Angeles
Woodhaven Development Corporation, Riverside, California
Andrew Wyeth, Artist
Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles
Xerox Computer Services
TFA Electra Sound Staging Company, Los Angeles
Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood
Pacific Amphitheatre, Orange County, California
Fresno Fashion Fair Mall, California
Frank Gehry and Associates, Los Angeles
Pantages Theatre, Hollywood
New Music America, Los Angeles

Aspen Design Conference, Colorado, 1984
The Nature Company, Berkeley, 1984
Squibb Gallery, Princeton, New Jersey, 1983
Colors of the Wind Gallery, "BLUE," 1982
Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 1980
Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach,
California, 1979
Historical Society, Islesboro, 1979
Tumbling Waters Museum of Flags, Montgomery, 1979
Aronowitsh Art Gallery, Stockholm, 1979
The Swedish Cultural Center, Paris, 1976
Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, 1976
Frank Lloyd Wright's Westmont Square, Montreal, 1975
Medernblik Castle, Amsterdam, 1975
Maine Coast's Artists Gallery, Maine, 1974, 1977
Midland Art Galleries, England, 1973

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